Jackie Wilde
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Jackie spent 24 years in the private and public sectors as a Personal Assistant, working her way up in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a senior PA to Ministers and to the Head of the Diplomatic Service, and finally as a Consular Officer for Mainland Spain in London. The development of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) in 1996 forced a career change to the Diplomatic Corps and, after a posting in London looking after British nationals overseas, she moved to Adelaide, Australia.

A good opportunity for a career change led to Jackie working as Sales/Office Manager for Voiceperfect Systems, Australia's main distributor and reseller for Dragon NaturallySpeaking® speech recognition solutions and WinScribe® digital dictation. This kick- started her training career on a part-time basis whilst in Australia.

In August 2003, she quickly established herself as an independent personal trainer for computers, specialising in speech recognition (Dragon NaturallySpeaking®) and digital dictation (WinScribe®), being contracted by several large Nuance partners in the UK.
On her return to Australia in 2009, she based herself in Cairns to offer the same high standard of service, training and advice given in the UK.

With her experience both as a PA and as someone who has adapted in the workplace due to a long-term injury, Jackie has good personal experience to help those in the corporate sector and with special needs.

She has retrained and is now an accredited Nuance trainer for Dragon NaturallySpeaking®. She uses speech recognition software for all of her computer requirements.